Welcome to Hideaways

This area of our website is exclusively for hotels, agencies and suppliers. Do you wish to engage in a business relationship with Hideaways we have some few but important guidelines we advise you to take a look at.

On this page you will find information regarding:

  • General information about Hideaways
  • A presentation video about Hideaways
  • How to become a partner
  • Information for existing partners

To read a more overall description about Hideaways and our history please go to our page "About Hideaways".

Hideaways operates through online sale, telephone sale and sale through agents in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Furthermore Hideaways holds exclusive discount agreements with several Danish companies. We work with small upper-segment hotels with a charming, authentic and personal atmosphere. 

Video: 1 minute presentation

In our video you can learn about the concept behind Hideaways in less than one minute. The video is currently available in Danish and Swedish. The video below is the Danish version with English subtitles. Be sure that subtitles are activated. You can activate subtitles on the bottom right on the player.



Become a partner

We are constantly looking for new hideaways to add to our program. Do you think that your hotel is a perfect match for Hideaways, and do you want to be exposed to customers in Scandinavia, please contact us at info@hideaways.dkYou can also send a request for our detailed guidelines for hotels, agents and suppliers.

In this document you will find:

  • Basic guidelines for agents, hoteliers and other business partners
  • Concept of Hideaways
  • Target demographic for our product
  • Hideaways USP's (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Requirements to our packages
  • Target audience and their expectations
  • The nature of our online experience and strategy
  • Basic characteristics of properties in cooperation with Hideaways
  • Conditions and expectations to agents working with Hideaways

The document can only be handed over on request and is confidential. To receive the document we ask you to send us an email at info@hideaways.dk.

To become a partner of Hideaways, we will arrange a visit from a Hideaways representative. On this visit our representative will bring a fact sheet, which is filled out on location and often we will conduct an interview with you or someone from your staff. The reason for this is that we always need information for our personal descriptions of your hotel. Please note that it is not a demand from us to stay in your hotel, have a meal or anything else during our visit. The main objective is to gather information for the hotel description and to see the property.

Already a partner?

This page is also for existing partners of Hideaways. As a partner you can help yourself and us by following some basic guidelines:

  • Make sure we always have up to date visual material
  • Send us special offers and promotions
  • Give us a link to your website
  • Send us your contracts in good time
  • Give us feedback to strengthen our relationship

Up to date visual material

Always check out the designated page for your hotel on our websites. Besides the text, which always is in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, make sure, that all visual material like photos, videos i.e. is up to date and of the highest possible quality. Our data shows that hotels with high quality visual material have higher conversion rates. If you have any new material please send it to us at info@hideaways.dk.

Special offers/promotions

Du you have periods with low occupancy percentage, we can make special offers in cooperation with you. Normally we will receive a special price for a period and boost sales through marketing campaigns online, in newspapers or by sending exclusive newsletters to our customer database.

Search Engine Optimization

Make sure, that your website links to your designated hotel pages on our websites, If you have any problems finding your hotel page please feel free to contact us at any time. Scandinavian travellers especially from the target segment of Hideaways are primarily making holiday decisions based on online research. This means that good rankings in search engines like Google are significant factors that can boost sales. A link from you to us will boost Hideaways rankings in search engines and thereby boost sales of your hotel.


The sooner we have your contracts the sooner sales and promotions in the Scandinavian market will be launched. Make sure that your contracts have special promotions, like “stay 7 days pay for 5” i.e. Never make a contract that is not good for your own business. We are by principle only interested in making "win-win" deals with our business partners, but always give the best price possible.


Please feel free to give us any kind of feedback. A partnership with Hideaways is based on dialogue, respect and common goals. We will always listen to both positive and negative feedback. Remember that you are our ambassadors on destination and we are yours in the Scandinavian market.